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Diversified Metroplex Investors

Diversified Metroplex Investors (DMI) is a privately owned real-estate investment company that supports sponsors who develop and acquire residential housing, multi-family apartment home communities and commercial buildings. We focus on projects and sponsors that allow investors to maintain capital and receive above market risk adjusted returns.

With a disciplined approach to forming strategic partnerships and cutting edge reporting process, DMI has become a leader in the industry. Our ability to follow market trends has allowed us to take advantage of and support unique real estate investment opportunities.

We believe in the strict adherence to full disclosure to investors and third party accountability. Our reputation is built by our commitment to requiring transparency, and a philosophy of acquiring real estate in attractive markets with an exit strategy in mind. With a conservative and well diversified portfolio mix, DMI can capture the retail and institutional buyer as well as develop long term cash flow.

With an experienced management team and a focus on industry best practices, DMI is prepared to capture opportunities as they arise.

Confidence – We utilize a rigid due diligence process in every project and sponsor that we agree to work with. In order for a property to become part of the DMI portfolio, it must pass these requirements. Additionally, we maintain a focus on the overall project mix to ensure the company is involved in projects and sponsors that are beneficial to the company. This execution of diligence and adherence to company goals fosters confidence that is essential for the company’s success.

Experience – DMI has experience with a variety of real estate projects including commercial, multi-family and residential construction. The company has executed numerous successful projects. Our management, combined with real world experience, allows the company to be prepared for and to adapt to market and economic conditions or pressures that may affect existing or potential projects.

Integrity – DMI believes integrity is the foundation of a strong company. Our focus on integrity is evident in our relationships with clients, vendors, and employees. Without integrity, there is no trust in the relationships that are developed.

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