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The Real Alliance, LLC

May 21, 2014

Business Expansion Opportunity

The Real Alliance Group, LLC is an educational company committed to leading individuals to small business success through real estate investing. Based in Dallas Texas this team focuses on providing solutions for individuals interested in success through training, mentoring, tools, and collaboration.

Their mission is to provide individuals with a platform for the creation of financial freedom and security, through a new alternative to entrepreneurial and real estate investing education. By offering a culture of community, support, transparency and growth we will develop a new breed of entrepreneurs who are able to live free from a boss, and successfully grow and develop a profitable small business.


TRA management has over 40 years of combined real estate investment experience available exclusively to its members. Additionally, The Real Alliance Group, LLC strives to provide high-caliber tools and resources for the systemization and automation of the real estate investing process. Focused on serving those preparing for retirement within the next 10-15 years, The Real Alliance is committed to being the “go-to” solution for real estate investment education seekers.

TRA was formed in January of 2011 to lead individuals to small business success through the vehicle of real estate investing. TREA’s primary objective is to grow a community of like-minded real estate investors. TRA wants to bring together real estate investors in order to foster the transfer of knowledge, thereby resulting in profitable real estate transactions for its members.

By empowering people, and guiding them through successful transactions, they intend to foster a growing, thriving community. A community where people share their experiences with their friends and associates, thus growing the community.

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