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Venture X

October 2018

Business Expansion

Venture X is a quickly-growing, industry-leading shared workspace brand focused on targeting mid-career professionals and enterprise companies.The Venture X brand is owned and managed by United Franchise Group (UFG) and is expanding via the franchise model into the top 100 markets in North America.

Colliers International has been engaged by Venture X as the primary corporate real estate services team to execute North American expansion efforts.

Why Co-Working?

Venture X is a premier provider of membership-based flexible workspace with an inspiring, diverse, and collaborative community. It’s much more than just shared office space. It’s a place where businesses launch, develop, and achieve success. It’s where entrepreneurial dreams are born and realized. The thriving business model it espouses makes it an excellent franchise opportunity.

The way people work is changing. Technology and innovation through mobile devices, cloud computing and social networking allow the freedom to work from anywhere at any time. Those launching startups, freelancers, and other self-employed workers want a place that not only removes them from distractions and the isolation of working at home or traditional offices, but also provides them with a rich work environment where they can access a community of like-minded people— collaborate, access future clients and resources, develop new friends and make valuable work and social connections. Venture X is that place.

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